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The existing designs of Dermapak ® have been extended with the introduction of the new Dermapak ®. This type has been developed after consultations with leading mycologists. It delivers many advantages built into the existing designs;

  • Compact and lightweight for low mailing costs
  • Easy and safe method of transporting specimens
  • Absorbent action reduces risk of bacterial overgrowth during transportation
  • Easy and convenient to use by Clinician and Laboratory
  • Established and proven design

Additional advantages of Dermapak ® 

  • More convenient
  • More secure
  • More robust
  • Customisable check panel - please ring us to discuss minimum order size
  • Useful for use with dark specimens (hair and skin) which might be difficult to distinguish on a black background

Price is per box of 100, net of VAT and delivery

Please note that the Dermapak range are patented products

Dermapak Blue - order code DMK202

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